Providing oral and written advice concerning legal regulations for companies conducting economic operations in the Russian Federation;

Drafting contract projects and other documents with due consideration of the company's law-enforcement and legal practices;

Ensuring legal expert assessment of contracts

Acting as representative legal counsel in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction:
  • legal evaluation of the outlook for court proceedings;
  • preparation of required procedural documents (statements of claim, petitions, complaints, etc.);
  • organization and support of the process for lodging a legal action in court (payment of the State fee, preparing the package of documents constituting an addendum to the statement of claim, submitting the statement of claim to the court and to the persons involved in litigation, and informing the client of the deliberation process concerning the submitted claim);
  • representation of the client's interests in courts of all instances;
  • appeals of judicial acts;
  • review of legally valid judicial acts upon discovery of new facts;
  • obtainment of judicial acts and execution writs;
  • legal representation during court enforcement proceedings.

Organizingcontractual, andlegal and forensic operations in companies:

  • drawing up local documents for companies about the organization of contractual, and legal and forensic work operations (provisions, instructions, etc.);
  • providing advice to high-ranking company employees about matters related to the organization of contractual, and legal and forensic work operations.   

Providing complex legal services to companies.

Fee Policy

The cost of services is determined pursuant to the following criteria:

1. Type of services;

2. Complexity of the case;

3. Time required for resolving the case;

4. Degree of probability of obtaining a positive result.

Payment is made in non-cash form to the Bar Association account on the basis of a Legal Service Provision Agreement.